Who Are First Responders?

First Responders are the people who you call first in a time of need. We are members of the Police, Fire and Paramedic services who dedicate ourselves to keeping our communities safe and secure.

Over the years, our roles have grown beyond what people tend to associate with Emergency Services. In addition to our traditional roles (enforcing the law, fighting fires and rendering medical assistance) we fill the gaps in our social system. It is not uncommon for us to be the first contact for people experiencing mental health crises or to deliver anti-bullying presentations in schools.

In 2018, the Erie St. Clair LHIN will be piloting a project with EMS providing advanced palliative care in the home, providing care to people who otherwise may not get it. We are constantly becoming more visible and engaged in our communities, delivering a number of services beyond our core functions and ensuring that we all live in safer and happier communities together.