The B.I.G. Committee

Bluewater International Granfondo is run by an amazing, dedicated and energized volunteer committee. B.I.G.’s growth now requires our committee to work throughout the year ensuring we continue to have one of the best cycling events in Canada. Their meticulous planning and execution guarantee all cyclists an exceptional day of riding and entertainment. Their ongoing enthusiasm and devotion are the keys to B.I.G.’s success and always much appreciated.

Ken MacAlpine – Chair

Tristan Bassett

Ryan Bell

Jeff Burchill

Paul Eastman

Richard Felton

Kathy Johnson

Dr. Glen Maddison

Ryan Trusler – Vice Chair

Amanda Orr

David Palmer

Jon Palumbo

Vicky Praill

Stephanie Purdy

Adelle Stewardson

Anita Trusler