Cycling Without Age

We have all experienced the joy of a good ride, the camaraderie of the group and the exertion of the ride. Whether it is riding county roads or gravel trails we enjoy seeing the sights as well as smelling the flower and the trees. At Bluewater Cycling Organization, we are committed to creating an Active, Healthy and Connected Community which includes increasing the range of our offerings to include initiatives for ALL of our community members. Vulnerable populations are an important part of our community but they face many challenges in staying active and connected. To help address this Bluewater Cycling is launching a Cycling Without Age (CWA) program. The CWA program enables seniors (and people of all ages and abilities) to:


  • Re-connect with their physical and social community
  • Feel the wind in their hair and smell the flowers
  • Build bridges between generations


We do this by providing “bicycle rides” to seniors and differently abled individuals in our community. This creates the platform for connections, storytelling, social connections and social stimulation. It has been demonstrated that participants in CWA programs have experienced significantly increased levels of happiness and improved quality of life. While you may initially think this applies to the riders (and it does) it is equally applicable to the volunteer pilots!

The plan is to deliver rides five days per week beginning during the period between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving. We will be partnering with the Strangway Centre, various Steeves & Rozema residences (Landmark, Rosewood, Village on the St. Clair. Afton, Twin Lakes, Trillium Villa), Fairwinds (assuming rebuild after their fire) and potentially Marshall Gowland Manor, Pineview and Community Living. We are looking to develop a roster of 50 to 60 pilots to deliver rides to seniors by peddling an (electrically assist) tri-shaw for a couple of hours a couple of times a month. We will provide training, insurance, a cool jersey and heaps of karmic joy!

Want to register to receive a ride?

Connect with one of our partnering agencies below:

The Steeves & Rozema Group creates communities that are good for life. Developing, owning, and managing retirement communities, long term care homes, and commercial and multi-residential properties – their success is based on the creation of communities where residents, tenants and employees flourish. Please connect with the appropriate recreation coordinator for the home that applies to you or your loved one to schedule a ride:

  • Landmark:
  • Trillium Villa:
  • Rosewood Manor:
  • Village on the St Clair:
  • Afton Park Place:
  • Twin Lakes Terrace: