Ontario’s #1 GF

Our organization is now home to a number of initiatives and programs: Midweek Rides, Share the Road, Slow Roll, Youth Spokes and Cycling without age. 


However, the original event, the Bluewater International Granfondo (BIG), is currently voted #1 Granfondo in Ontario, #2 in Canada and #4 in North America by the Granfondo Guide 


The $350,000 raised through the Bluewater International Grandonfo has supported the development of the  Bluewater Palliative Care Retreat (BPCR) which saw its fourth successful event this past Fall. The BPCR is an accredited event attended by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, spiritual care providers and volunteers to hear presentations from world renowned palliative care leaders on topics ranging from the most recent advances in palliative care to the importance of self-care for health care workers. This focus on education allows for the development of knowledge and skills in those who attend while promoting working relationships and practices between palliative care organizations in the community. This, in turn, positively impacts all those who receive care from these organization. Focusing the donations toward the BPCR promotes a relatively larger overall impact on the palliative care community.

In 2022, the Bluewater Palliative Care Retreat returned to being an in-person event that was also live streamed to hundreds of participants. The recording of this event is also available to be watched by all those who register. A total of 500 people registered for this event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .